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The United Reformed Church resulted from the 1972 union of the Presbyterian Church of England and the Congregational Church in England and Wales. In introducing the United Reformed Church Bill in the House of Commons on 21 June 1972, Alexander Lyon called it "one of the most historic measures in the history of the Christian churches in this country". About a quarter of English Congregational churches chose not to join the new denomination; in England, there are three main groups of continuing Congregationalists: the Congregational Federation, the Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches and the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches. The URC subsequently united with the Re-formed Association of Churches of Christ in 1981 and the Congregational Union of Scotland in 2000.

History of the Bathgate EU Church

Who is in the Pulpit this week
and Flower Rota

Find a list of ministors that will leading our services.

Service @ 11am and Communion first Sunday of the month.

Date Pulpit Flowers
7th July 2024 Mrs Eilidh Young Mrs Agnes Main
14th July 2024 Mrs Eilidh Young Mr John Marr
21st July 2024 Revd. Helen Mee Mrs Kathleen Grant
28th July 2024 Revd. Ron. Greig Mrs Hilda. Taylor
4th August 2024 Revd. Jan. Adamson Mrs Dorothy Arthur
11st August 2024 Mr. Donnie Caldwell Mrs Kathleen Grant
18th August 2024 Revd. Helen Mee Miss Aileen Baird
25th August 2024 Revd. Robert Richard Mr Fred Godden
1st September 2024 Revd Helen Mee Mrs Thelma Peacock
8th September 2024 Revd. Ken Brown Mrs Agnes Main
15th September 2024 Mr. Donnie Caldwell Mrs Kathleen Grant
22nd September 2024 Revd. Jan. Adamson Mrs Nancy Stein
29th September 2024 Revd. Ron. Greig Mrs Thelma Peacock

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